Durant Review
9 in HIGH x 6 in WIDE
(22.86 cm HIGH x 15.24 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. Jim E. Adams

Booklet from/ for the Durant Automobile Comapany for August 1929. On the front cover- "Durant Review, In this issue: Glowing six month's record, Eugene Firms' success secrets, Cazol Company adds Durants." Also on the front cover is a photo fo the Northern Life Building inSeattle, Washington. The booklet contains information about various aspects of the company, each page with a separate little article: Sales Record Amazes Industry; Truck Caravan Home from Trip; Service Always Pays Dividends; Seattle Dealers Celebrate 4th; Durant Aids in Elks Meet; Marston Opens New Branch; Born Admirer of Durant; 128,840 Miles is Durant Record; Durants preferred for bus service; Fisk manager selects Sixty-Six; Lane Auto Co. Has Success Formula; Mr. Morris Tells Records; Three a Day...Sold Every Day; With Durant in the West; Mission Motors Has Able Staff; Cazol Company Adds to Fleet; Durant 4-Speed Transmission; jokes on the inside back cover, and more sales figures on the back cover.

Used: Durant Automobile Co.

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