c. 1920
88.5 in WIDE
(224.79 cm WIDE)
Gift of H. Nona Hungate

This large shawl could have been made in the Philippine Islands. The macrame fringe (on all four sides) is about 21 inches deep. The flowers on the shawl are embroidered in silk twist, in colors popular around the 1920s...peach color, orchid color, purple, blue, dark blue, pink, bright pink, orange color, jade green color, etc. There is a large bright pink peony near each corner; it is edged with pink. There are two butterflies near the large peony. All of the other flowers are smaller. This is the type of shawl that would have been used by a young woman c. 1915/17-1930 as a wrap for a garden party or as an evening wrap. (Shawls larger than this one were sometimes used wrapped around the body as a dress.)

Used: adult | Female | Alice Wolcott

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