Alameda City Winter League 1945-46 Championship E. Bercovich & Son
24.75 in HIGH
(62.86 cm HIGH)
Sam Bercovich

Two small baseball players stand at bat on top of the trophy. An athlete stands between them, he is much larger, and reaches upward with one arm stretched into the air; it holds a feather(?). They stand on a small wooden rectangle which is attached to a larger, solid wooden main portion of the trophy. An ivory plastic sheet is attached with tiny screws to the center of the trophy. It is engraved in brown with "Alameda City Winter League 1945-46 Championship won by E. Bercovich & Son." On each side of the plastic sheet is a strand of three dark metal flowers attached by small screws. This large center section has lighter wood with a dark strip down the center on each suide of it running the length of the trophy for detail. All of this is attached to a wood base. There are three copper colored metal eagles at the base, one at each front corner and one in the center, it is the largest.

Used: E. Bercovich & Son

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