4 in HIGH x 5 in WIDE
(10.16 cm HIGH x 12.70 cm WIDE)
City of Oakland

A woman is seated at a desk in a corner office. Near her right shoulder is a large window through which a tower or cupola is visible. On her desk are file trays and a telephone. On an adjoining desk there is a calculator/adding machine and stacks of files. Standing next to the woman at her left is another woman. Behind that woman there is a manual typewriter on a typing stand, and, on the wall, a "Cameron" calendar, showing sailing sloop and the month of January. Based on the dates on 2000.2.72-74 the year is probably 1952. Numerous stacks of files are on a desk to the right of the typewriter. A window with a half-drawn window shade is at the left edge of the photo. A note in the folder reads "August 13, 1970 Mrs. Abounonrad asked me to send this negative I found among the many pictures my husband, Walter H. Meyer, took over his 40 years of service with your city. It looks quite ancient--at least by the autos parked in front. Use it if you can; will send any others I find as I go thru the assortment. Sincerely, Marie Meyer. P.S. I found some more since I wrote this note!" [Note: The negative referred to is not in this folder. JM 6/2000]

Used: City of Oakland

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