California Loan Office
3.25 in HIGH x 4 in WIDE x .125 in DEEP
(8.25 cm HIGH x 10.16 cm WIDE x .32 cm DEEP)
Gift of Brian Lerch

This is the type of lantern slide which would have been used as advertising in the year silent movie theaters. The slide is glass, with a white border, bound in black, paper tape, probably professionally made by M. S. Stewart Co. 470 - 13th Street, Oakland, California. A white dot appears in the lower proper right corner, so the slide would be inserted in the projector properly. The slide shows a drawing of the California Loan Office building at 835 Broadway. There's an American flag on the roof, a large sign at the corner, with "Money Loaned," "jewelry," "furs," "diamonds" and "watches" printed at the base of the building. The "sky" behind the building is tinted blue; the address and business sign appear in red, "money" and "loans", as well as the word around the bottom of the building are blue. The "wall" where most of the printing appears is orange color, and the street is yellow. "Californis Loan Office..Money loaned since 1906, . Lowest interest rates, . Receipts given with all pledges, . Borrow with confidence, we loan the most, California's Largest Pawnbrokers, 835 Broadway Cor. 9th Street, Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Guns, 7-V's, Cameras, Musical Instruments, Typewriters, Etc." is printed on the side of the building.

Used: advertising | California Loan Office | Theater

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