73 in WIDE
(185.42 cm WIDE)
Gift of Elisabeth S. Brower

(Written on paper that was stitched to quilt-it has been removed and is in the donor file.) "Quilt brought to Calif by Cynthia Tibbets Wilder from Wisconsin, Henrietta William's mother, 100 years old. To Liz Brower. Hexagonal Star. Rising Star in North N. Y."

This is a pieced cotton quilt, made in Wisonsin by Cynthia Tibbets Wilder (mother of Henrietta Wilder Williams). Coming across the continent, Mrs. Wilder moved to California in the middle of the 19th century (c. 1860s). The family settled in the San Jose area. The quilt is made of a variety of cottons, several shirting fabrics are used; one, a white fabric printed with a trumpet and a horseshoe serves as the outer border and much of the binding. (Another black and white print and some plain white are also used as bits of binding. Other shirting fabrics include crossed images of a jockey's cap and a riding crop in red; a circular hunting horn printed in red with a dog's head printed in black; another shows a male figure (perhaps an Italian??) wearing a cap and a bloused shirt) printed in brown. The back of the quilt is of an inexpensive white cotton plain weave; the hand quilting is done in rows, about a half inch apart. (See inscription field for note that had been stitched to quilt. It has been removed and placed in donor file.)

Used: bedding | Cynthia Tibbets Wilder | Henrietta Wilder Williams | San Jose

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