Gift of Nancy Reagan


This collection of eight garments, worn by Nancy Reagan, when she was First Lady of California and First Lady of the United States, illustrates fashionable stylistic changes in the work of California designer, James Galanos. A: This fitted red silk evening gress has long sleeves and is floor length. The dress has a slit up the center back seam. The dress is fully lined with red silk chiffon. The dress opens up center back with a hand picked zipper. B: The overdress is of the same red silk, and also has a zipper in the center back. The overdress is about mid calf length and is weighted at the hem. The overdress is sleeveless and has a v-shaped neckline that has been formed by the way the dress was draped. The proper right side of the overdress has been pleated and drawn up to the proper left side of the garment exterior and the same has been done to the proper left side and drawn to the interior of the garment.

Used: Nancy Reagan | California | First Lady ~ United States of America | Adult | Female | Evening

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