The First Aviation Corps
11 in HIGH x 8.5 in WIDE
(27.94 cm HIGH x 21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Jay Carlow

J. F. Irwin, Esq.

Letter sent to Jack Irwin (J. F. Irwin, Esq.) from "The First Aviation Corps., The District Center, Eastern Civision, Provisional Federal Volunteers (Instituted by the Aero-Military War College of America), "Corps Headquarters, New York, Office of Administration, 17 Aug. 1915. J. F. Irwin Esq., Sacramento Cal Dear Sir. Replying to your letter of the 6th inst.- I have referred the matter to Col. Delano. who advises that you have been enrolled in the Deveration & we would be pleased to have you serve in the capacity as an aero engineer with acting rank of Major in the California 5th Prov. Ava. Regt. under Col-Commandant Wm J. Humphreys of San Francisco. Col. Humphreys is the President of the Olympic Athletic Club in San Francisco. We should also be pleased to enroll your partner, Mr. Garry if this is agreeable to him. Will you kindly address any further communication in this connection to Col. Mortimer Delano, whose summer address is Boardman Cottage, 4th St.. Garden City, L.I. N.Y. Yours faithfully W Lanier Washington Col. Chief of Administration"

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