Announcement and General Orders, May 22nd, 1915
11 in HIGH x 8.5 in WIDE
(27.94 cm HIGH x 21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Jay Carlow


Letter sent to Jack Irwin "Announcement and General Orders, May 22, 1915. The Aero-Military Service Federation of America consisting of the First Aviation Corps Inc. of 28 Aero-Squadrons controlled by Seven Regimental District Bases in New York, Richmond, Chicago, St. Louis and San Francisco, making a National Reserve of Volunteers subject to Orders from the Honorable Secretary of War (through individual re-enlistment according to Regulations.) The Federation has been formed to foster the growth and development of military aviation and interest its members in the study of that science in all its branches and create a universal demand for educational support along these lines......and to urge upon Congress the vital importance of absolute Federal Control of all Aviation and Aviators.... Federation membership classes..... Class A- Officers, Aviators and Students in the Provisional Aviation Corps which the Aero Military Federation constitutes. Class B- Officers of the Army, Navy & Militia who desire to support this movement in aviation..... Class C- Civilians interested but unable to serve in the Aviation Corps. The Federation shall be governed by a Board of Presiding Officers and Deputies..... President-General - August Belmont Vice-President-General - Mortimer Delano Deputy-President-General - E. C. Schermanhorn Secretary-General-- W. Lanier Washington (Tel: Circle 272) Deputy-Secretary-General- Harry L. Follett Treasurer-General-- Walter Lispenard Suydam, Jr. Deputy-Treasurer-General-- W. Coolidge Morrill The Aero-Military Federation through its 28 Aero-Squadron Centers of New York, Boston, New Haven, Newark, Albany, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, St. Paul, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Richmond, Savannah, New Orlenes, Austin, Denver, Kansas City, Louisville, Omaha, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland thoroughly covers the Country with Fixed Aviation Field Centers and is engaged in Establishing 300 Landing Depots with a sergeant in charge and 1500 Landing Stations with corporals and privates--in this way aviators will find suitable landings throughout the country..... The Aero-Military Service Federation publishes its official news monthly in 'Aircraft' (37 E 28th St.) Applications for membership appointments should be sent to the Secretary-General, Grand Central Terminal, Room 3750. Information Tel. W. C. Morrill, Murray Hill 342, 42nd Street Building, Rm. 617. Mortimer Delano Deputy Pres-Gen. (Tel. Morning. 4882)

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