Make and Mend for Victory
10.5 in HIGH x 7.625 in WIDE
(26.67 cm HIGH x 19.37 cm WIDE)
Gift of Ms Delma Kline

"Make and Mend for Victory" is a booklet printed on white paper with a red and white striped cover, decorated with white and blue stars. Drawings of women making alterations, making clothes over and accessoring garments are inside the stars,. The cover is patriotic; the contents encourages the thrify use of cloth. The publication is well illustrated with photographic images of women and boys and girls wearing all types of garments, hats, etc. There are also line drawings of garments, and patterns for cutting clothing. Some information also provided on how to mend and patch as well as the care of needles, thread, scissors, etc. Printed in 1942 (during the clothing restrictions and shortages of World War II). 50 pages.

Used: sewing | World War II

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