Sheet music is white paper, with the music printed in black. Printed in peach color and green, the front page shows a drawn image of a man walking along a dirt road in a valley. Behind him is a house amidst several trees. Surrounding this image are the title, the composers, and several art-nouveau-styled California poppies. However, the seed-pods of the poppies are incorrectly rendered, and look more like seed pods of Chinese poppies. The words to "In the Valley of the San Joaquin" were written by John J. Cooke, the music by S. Arthur Nichols, and it was published by Robert E. Larkins of Los Angeles. A: front and back pages, B: middle page. The back side of the front page is printed with the first part of another song, "The Masquerader," and the last page is printed with the chorus of "Papa's Baby."
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