April 5, 1894
5.5 in WIDE
(13.97 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Luann Simmons

John Bidwell | Rancho Chico | Chico | Land | Orchard | Agriculture | Employment
This man Ran for President of the United States (illegible) a go against Grover Cleveland and Bingham Nornson John Bidwell (handwritten in pencil on the back of the letter)

Letter is white paper, printed with the letterhead of "Office of John Bidwell, Rancho Chico, Chico, Cal." Letter is handwritten in black ink, and dated April 5, 1894. The text of the letter is as follows: "Mr. Lon Bud Jackson, Berkeley, Cal. My dear Sir, Yours of 3rd inst. just to hand. Having rented out all my land, which I can rent, including orchards as well as grain land, it is not possible for me to promise you, or anybody, work. Still I hope you will have no trouble to find work enough to do. With best wishes please believe me Yours very truly, John Bidwell."

Used: John Bidwell | Lon Bud Jackson

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