The Executioners and the Mourners
ca. 1970
Gift of Elizabeth M. Elston

dark wood frame, moss green mat
Jane Porter lower right corner under tree with red leaves
The Executioners and the Mourners in pencil on packing tape label affixed to verso side

Image shows two children tossing a red ball back. Two men, one holding a saw and one holding an ax, stand together pointing up to a large pine tree in the center of the painting. Several birds are gathered under the tree, many holding red flowers in their mouths. A grey department of forestry truck is parked in the lower left corner. A red house with snow on teh roof and icicles handing from the awning is in the background. A large, snow capped mountain range is in teh background. Several significantly smaller trees with red, yellow and orange leaves,are scattered throughout the composition. The composition is criss-crossed by several fences.

Three verso side labels " top label says "Porter, M.C. Alumnae E.X. #43", middle label gives title and artist and "loaned by Mr. and Mrs. C. George Ross" and an address, bottom label gives the title of the piece in pencil script

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