San Francisco Cliff house and Clipper Ships Clipping By
Gift of Elizabeth M. Elston

black and gold colored frame and ivory mat with red interior trim
Jane Porter lower right corner near white fence descending from Cliff house
"The San Francisco cliff House (yr 1851) The Clipper Ships Clipping by Finis - April 26, 1974 by Jane Porter" in pen verso side

The San Francisco Cliff House is perched on a hill overlooking the ocean to the right side of the composition. Two clipper ships are in the background, one in the center and one to the left of the composition. The sea has white caps. A small island breaks the surface of the water in teh center. The bottom lower left corner shows a yellow and white striped tent labeled "bath house" adn teh lower right corner contains a red cart with black wagon-type wheels. 27 small figures in various brightly covered outfits are in the image. Four are near the Cliff House, walking near the white railing. The other 23 are on the beach or at the base of the Cliff House hill.
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