Bird Coat
Purchased with funds from Helena R. Foster, and Samplings 2000 and 2002 Quilt Raffle

JWC at center back neck
"Iconic to Ironic: Fashioning California Identity," OMCA Great Hall, March 15 - September 21, 2003

Coat is pieced and appliqued wool, with knit linear details. The artist takes commercially-made wool cloth, and treats it with heat, water, and friction to give the fabric a felt-like appearance and texture. However the process is not technically felting because she does not start with raw wool fibers, but with woven cloth. The artist also dyes all her own fabrics. The coat is made up of alternating areas of black, gray, brown, magenta, burgundy color, and purple wool. For the most part, the edges of these colored areas are curvilinear, though the edges of the areas around the brighter colors are more zig-zagged. The collar, center front opening, and hem of the coat are all edged with a knitted black and ochre colored striped edging. There are also several teal knitted lengths arranged and stitched in spirals, front and back, one of which is extended at the center front to form the only button-hole loop on the coat. Other linear details include several groups of zig-zag lines of ochre colored knit, also found both front and back. The garment is called "Bird Coat." Looking at the proper left front of the coat you can see a bird form (spiral of teal color knit makes the eye, magenta wool forms the comb). There is also another bird form on the back of the coat.

Used: adult | Woman

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