Circa 1920
8.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm WIDE)
Bequest of Mary Louise Stong

Haida carved wood food bowl, of oval form with upswept ends, relief-carved with two frogs on the bottom, inlaid with row of white glass beads in a coved channel inside the rim, the top edge inlaid with oval ivory peices shaped to inmited cowrie shells, the outside carved in relief with totem designs.( Russell Kloer, Clear Sky Appraisal, 01/10/01) (Mary Louise Stong 6/16/01) These four Yokut Indian baskets were purchased by Louise Victoria Sprott from the Indians at the Tule River Indian Reservation East of Porterville, Califronia. The Indians came into the Porterville First National Bank to sell their baskets. The time would have been shortly prior to 1918 when Miss Sprott went to Juneau for a year. She married Edwin H. Stong in San Francisco in 1919 on her way back to Porterville. This Haida carved wood bowl was purchased by Miss Sprott while on that trip.

Used: food service | Ceremony | Made for sale

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