June 30, 2002
24 in HIGH
(60.96 cm HIGH)
Gift of Brent Kamrath

This headdress is made on a base created from a straw hat and styrofoam blocks. These were then covered in blue, white, and yellow feathers and feather boas. Headdress also features curled yellow and blue pipe cleaners, glitter-covered stars and birdhouses, miniature wooden furniture and other IKEA products, as well as other stereotypical Swedish objects, such as a bucket of fake Swedish meatballs. Along the top, painted wooden letters spell out "IKEA." At the very top of the headdress, there are two candles, one blue and one white, as well as a framed image of a "Don't Panic" logo, which is a queer clothing line based in San Francisco. On June 30, 2002, San Francisco hosted the 32nd annual Gay Pride Parade. This was the first year that IKEA participated in the parade. Headdress was worn on the IKEA parade float, a re-creation of an IKEA showroom.

Used: Brent Kamrath | IKEA | Gay pride parade

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