2 in DEEP
(5.08 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mr. Edward Ozawa

Parasol is made from peach color rayon plain weave, with a 1-inch ruffle around the edge. There is an applique of two roses stitched to the fabric, one blue and one red, printed on cotton plain weave. Fourteen metal spokes, painted black, are tipped with clear plastic tips, through which the fabric has been stitched. The spokes are attached to a wooden shaft which has a burgundy color plastic tip at the upper end, and a cream color plastic handle with a burgundy color flared knob at the end. A loop of chain has been attached to the handle, with a triangular burgundy color plastic charm hanging from it. A 1/4" strap with a clear plastic loop near one end is affixed to the parasol near the edge with a round plastic button, used to keep the parasol closed. This parasol was probably used by the donor's grandmother, Sei Kubota Kimura (b. 1887-d.1980).

Used: Sei Kubota Kimura | Adult | Female

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