7 in|5.5 in|4.5 in WIDE
(17.78 cm|13.97 cm|11.43 cm WIDE)
From the estate of Col. Kenneth Scurr

Letter and two cards are white paper, a and b are printed in black, c in blue. A= letter advertises the Hotel Bellevue in San Francisco as being an ideal place to stay in San Francisco for Army and Navy officers and their wives, as well as the credit card that the hotel offers. B= business reply card has blank spaces to be filled out for reservations at the hotel, as well as for tickets to several plays-- "Naughty Marietta," "Rio Rita," "The Chocolate Soldier," and "Cabin in the Sky." C= credit signature card has blank spaces to be filled out indicating financial information pertinent to the issuing of a credit card. Letter and cards were part of the estate of Col. Kenneth Scurr, who was briefly stationed at Ft. Ord during World War II. Letter is addressed to Col. Scurr at East Garrison, Ft. Ord, Calif.

Used: Col. Kenneth Scurr

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