The Entertainer
Purchased with funds from Anonymous through the Art Acquisition Fund

Heavy gold colored gilt frame
lower right corner "Frank Coburn"

A woman reclines on a chair in a lush red decorated room. She leans her right arm on a small table and rests her head in her right hand. She wears a gold bracelet and carries a fan in her left hand. A tray of apples and a tall beverage in a pint glass are set on a table in front of her. Her shoulders are covered only by a sheer cloth wrap. Her hair is blond, dress is multi-colored. Verso labels from Orrs Gallery and Garzoli Gallery give artist, date of object, birth and death dates, medium and size.

"Frank Coburn, An Early Los Angeles Painter" Delaney; 1991 Orr's Gallery Publisher; p. 80, catalog no. 43.

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