c. 1988
Gift of Louise Gregory

Jeanne Marc, made in U.S.A., imported fabric, Small, care information on reverse

A: Woman's suit jacket, quilted satin (probably rayon or rayon acetate) with proper right front of wine colored fabric, proper left front of teal colored fabric and sleeves of rust colored fabric. Neck, front and cuffs bound with a metallic thread and over stiching of rust colored thread in a machined adaptation of a blanket-type stitch. Set of four double button holes down the front, with a cufflink-type arrangement of double buttons (metallic gold finish). B: Suit skirt of vertical pieces of the satin fabric, matching jacket, pleated into an elasticized waist, with "lettuce finishing at the waist and the hem of a metallic gold thread.

Used: evening | Dinner | Reception

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