Southern California...Year 'Round Vacation Land Supreme
9.25 in HIGH x 6 in WIDE x .125 in DEEP
(23.49 cm HIGH x 15.24 cm WIDE x .32 cm DEEP)
Gift of Eric and Ingrid Woods

Booklet with stylized illustration of "California" scene on the cover, showing the sweep of a bay, missionesque architecture, umbrellas at a beach, people riding horseback, people sailing and others playing golf among trees, with large mountains in the distance. The cover is slightly grayed baby blue paper, screen printed in blue, white and a coral/red. The 52 white pages, printed in black, are well illustrated and cover a variety of topics from driving, to visiting beaches, seeing the oil fiedls, going to various natural scenic areas in California (i.e. Yosemite) as well as areas in the American west (i.e. the Grand Canyon or Santa Fe, NM). "Southern California...Year 'Round Vacation Land Supreme," compiled for the benefit of the intending Southern California visitor by C. G. Milham, Executive Secretary, The All-Year Club of Southern California...Los Angeles...

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