Hope You Get Well Might Quick
3 in WIDE x .75 in DEEP
(7.62 cm WIDE x 1.90 cm DEEP)
Gift of Eric and Ingrid Woods

A greeting card in a box is a novelty. This one has a "cover" that reads: "Hope You Get Well Mighty Quick" on the outside, and "It's no par-'tea' being sick" on the inside. The illustration on the outside shows a little girl (sick) in bed with her doll and a hot water bottle, with a night table holding a glass with a spoon in it (medicine). The inside illustration shows the same girl and doll having a tea party. Boxed, as the last "page" of the card are a toy plate of white plastic, two toy spoons of blue plastic, two toy cups of red plastic and a miniature box of Scotkins paper napkins.

This is an unusual greeting card, in the it incorporates a small box of toys.

Used: childhood | Sickness | Playing

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