8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers.

From back of photo: Hetch Hetchy tunnel cave-in. Aug 29, 1932 The photo could be that of an elevator-type apparatus. It is a vertical structure made of wood and metal with large rivets/fasteners joining the wood and metal. A metal bar runs from one side of the structure to the other. The cross bar may "spin" or rotate. There is a man crawling on hands and knee from the structure on to a wooden floor. His ungloved fingers are spread apart and on the floor. One knee is behind his left hand with the leg extending over an opening. He is wearing work clothes with very dark/dirty areas and a helmet/hat possibly with a light on it. There is a spot of light on his head with a "string" of light from his head extending about 12 inches above his head to the cross bar and also a "string" light running along his back. He has a somewhat bewildered expression on his face. Behind this man is another whose face is obscured by spots of light. One hand is gripping the cross bar and the other is holding an extenion piece from the cross bar or shielding himself from the various lights. Behind the cross bar is a metal box with two windows near the top. It looks like it could be an elevator car. The roof is slanted down and between the windoes is a piece of metal. To the right of the men and elevator car is another man in profile looking at the men coming from the opening. He is wearing a dark work shirt and pants with spots of dirt and a cap with light colored bill and trim. He is standing against one of the vertical supports of the structure with his right hand holding on to a metal rod afixed to the support; his left had is on his hip. Just below is left hand in his back pocket a light colored glove is visible. Behind this man is what appears to be the rest of the support structure, a cross beam and angled beam from the vertical structure and a wall.

From an envelope marked "San Francisco, Calif. Water Construction Shots 1939-1949"

Used: Oakland Tribune

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