8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers.

From back of photo: Hetch Hetchy tunnel cave-in. At the top of what appears to be a tall shaft are five men looking into the opening. The structure is made of wood and metal vertical beams with horizontal and angled support beams. The structure also as a roof slanting down from the top of the photo in the back. On the left side is a vertical wooden beam with metal fasteners across it and a long chain hanging down from it with some sort of metal tool at the end of it. Also on the left side in the structure is a man wearing a fedora-type hat, light colored shirt, jacket and overalls. He is looking down the shaft; his right hand grips a metal bar that runs across the structure. On his right side is a long chain or pulley that groes from the roof of the structure down the shaft. His left hand may be on this chain/pulley. In the middle of the photo is a man standing against a short light colored wall that runs from one side of the strucutre to the other. It has may small dark spots on it looking down into the shaft. He is wearing a dark shirt or jacket with dark work pants and dusty boots with a glove in his back pocket. In his left hand is a long (taller than he) rod attached to a hose (about 2 inches(?) in diameter) running along the ground. At the place where the rod and hose attach there appears to be a controlling mechanism on the rod. There is also what appears to be a spot of light at this man's upper back. To the left of this second man are vertical and cross beams of the strucuture. A long string/rope/wire runs from the top of the structure to the floor. There is also a light running horizontally midway up the vertical beams. Around of this portion of the sructure are three men. All are looking down into the shaft/opening. The first is dressed in a dress jacket, pants. light colored shirt, dark oxford shoes and soft hat. His left hand is in his left pants' pocket. Above this man on a beam is some sort of light or appratus afixed to the vertical beam with lines/hoses running through them. To the right is a man dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie. His pants are either very dirty -- with light colored spots up to the thighs -- or he is wearing boots with splotches. His hands are behind his back with his left hand clasping his right wrist. Behind this person and mostly obscured is another person. This person is wearing work boots to the knee, dark pants with a light or radio on his belt, a light colored shirt and some kind of head covering. Next to this person is a neat pile/stack of lumber. In from of this person are two lines/hoses extending from the structure up beyond the photo's edge.

From an envelope marked "San Francisco, Calif. Water Construction Shots 1939-1949"

Used: Oakland Tribune

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