10 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers.

From back of photo: "Hetch Hetchy cave-in. Aug 29, 1932 Construction yard. At the left side is a tall open structure made of wood. It has four vertical support beams and appears to get smaller as it goes up -- only part of the structure is visible. There are horizontal and " X" supporting lumber visible. This structure appears to have at least two lines/ropes that go from its top to the ground. Behind this is a light colored, one story cement(?) building with three windows, with dark shutters, and an open door. The windows are divided into six panes each. The building has a peaked roof above the two windows on the left and a slanted roof above the door from where a metal chimney extends from the roof. To the left of the door and window is a drain that runs from the roof to the ground. To the left of this drain and under a wndow shutter a man appears to be walking toward the door. He is wearing a hat an dark clothes. Behind the building appears to be another building -- slanted roof. Between the buidlings is a pipe running from the ground supported by a wooden structure of four vertical timbers, slanted support and wooden "square" through which the pipe extends. At the top of the support is an "elbow" joint, a length of pipe and another elbow joint allowing the pipeline to descend to the ground. Behind the pipe is some sort of holidng tank or building. Behind the tank/building is a hillside with trees and open space to the top and across photo. Next to the building and in front of the hill is a large wooden and metal structure that could be an elevator building. It is an "A" frame of vertical and horizontal pieces and also has "X" supports between the horizontal supports. On one side of the frame are two ladder-like fixtures that run from the ground to the top platform. In front of the A frame is another structure, partially obscured, made of metal and wood with a ladder going up one side to the top platform. Beneath the A frame are full bags stacked on one another and other miscellaneous equipment. To the right of the A frame are stacks of lumber -- at the bottom of the hill. To the right of the lumber is the edge of another shack with slanted roof. To the right of this shack is a telephone/communication pole with wires running across the photo. To the left of the pole is a smaller shack with two windows, divided into six panes each, These shacks appear to be made of corrugated metal. Behind the smaller shack are three barrels and some wire? To the left of the shack are several pieces of lumber. There is an open area/street between the large building and the smaller shack.

From an envelope marked "San Francisco, Calif. Water Construction Shots 1939-1949"

Used: Oakland Tribune

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