8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers.

From back of photo: Hetch Hetchy tunnel cave-in. Aug 29, 1932 At left is a man in denim shirt, overalls and soft cap with bill. There is a bright "spot light" over his ear. He is looking at men coming out of an elevator. His right hand is down by his side; his left hand is bent at the elbow and probably holds a lever or fixture on the beam that is in front of him. The beam is horizontal and light colored. In front of the beam is a chain with handle and in front of that is a wire/rope. To the right of this beam is visible horizontal and angular beams. To the right of the beams is what appears to be an elevator car. It is rectangular in shape and framed with metal with the metal pieces affixed with rivets. The door is open and on the right side of the photo. It is apparently metal mesh and again framed in metal. The mesh is attached to the frame by metal fasteners. In the open door of the elevator car are three men. The first is wearing a light colored shirt with the first three buttons undone, vee-necked tee shirt,, light pants, belt holding up pants and another belt with a small rectangular box attached to it and a hose protruding from it, soft hat with light on it. His right hand is down and away from his body; his left hand is down with his hand near his pocket. The second man looks straight at the camera. He is wearing a work shirt, first button undone, pants tucked into boots and belt. His hat does not appear to have a light. His left hand is in front of his body and there is a wring on his third finger. The third man is wearing a hat/helmet with something on it. He is wearing a shirt with two buttons undone and is facing the left of the photograph.

From envelope marked 'San Francisco, Calif. Water Construction Shots 1930-1949"

Used: Oakland Tribune

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