20th century
28.25 in WIDE
(71.75 cm WIDE)
Gift of Anne Webster


This is one in a series of 12 textiles by Dorothe Gould Pratt given to the Oakland Museum of California. Much of her textile work was done in and/or inspired by time she lived in Turkey. This piece is a rectangle in shape, with a border printed on all four edges (and the same pattern is printed across the center from one selvage to the other); the border pattern is four narrow bands with what might be cuneiform designs in each band, intersected occasionally with a "paisley" motif. One half of the piece has large, bold, block printed roses at each corner above which is a triangle of paisley motifs; the other half of the textile has very bold, simple paisley motifs printed in the corners. Paper tag stitched to one corner: "Pillow model, Peasant velvet, doubls sqs."

Used: Dorothe Gould Pratt | Design | Research

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