20th century
30.5 in WIDE
(77.47 cm WIDE)
Gift of Anne Webster


This is one in a series of 12 textiles by Dorothe Gould Pratt given to the Oakland Museum of California. Much of her textile work was done in and/or inspired by time she lived in Turkey. Unlike the other textiles in this collection, this piece appears to be mostly black with a 1/2 white border. The pattern is done on the diagonal, cross shaped form with three flowers in each equal length arm. Groups of three flowers between the arms of the cross. The same block motif used in the "cross" is used accenting each corner. Another form runs triangualrly across the corners. Flaw in fabric didn't accept the dye well (in one of the groupings of three flowers between the arms of the cross).

Used: Dorothe Gould Pratt | Design | Research

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