Dr. Gladstone's Snake Oil
19.5 in. HIGH x 5.875 in. WIDE x 5 in. DEEP
(49.53 cm HIGH x 14.92 cm WIDE x 12.7 cm DEEP)
Gift of the Reuben and Muriel Savin Foundation

"CLAYTON BAILEY 1/30" on bottom of jug.
"SNAKE OIL" is encircled by smaller text "DR. GLADSTONE'S / BOTTLED BY CLAYTON BAILEY" at front center, and "USE WITH CARE" appears on the back side. The bottom has text, "1936 / ra / 1996," at center and the incised artist's signature with edition 1/30 along the upper edge.

Per curator Suzanne Baizerman - Jug of white clay with creeping glaze of yellowish brown. A take-off on the classic jug form, part of the world Bailey has created around the immaginary Dr. Gladstone. The piece features a handle on its long neck, a wide lip and a cork stopper. The words " Use With Care" appear on the side. This piece is one in a series of 30. Verso: "RA 1936-1996" may refer to the Richmond Art Center's 60th Anniversary.

Used: Muriel Savin

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