ceramic tile
3.9375 in HIGH x 3.875 in WIDE x 0.5625 in DEEP
(10.00 cm HIGH x 9.84 cm WIDE x 1.43 cm DEEP)
Gift of Julia Mayberry

...LE / JOSE - - stamped in clay on verso center of tile. left of center. (very faint)
Verso: ".50" - written in red crayon, TC; "10" encircled - written in black crayon, BC; "A[R]O" in ink, CR

Square ceramic tile glazed in shades of green, blue, and yellow. The surface of the tile has a geometric and floral design with a dark green scalloped outer border. Four dark blue flowers with yellow centers and light green borders join around a yellow flower at center.

Riley Doty notes that S & S might have used a printing press to make the dark outline. - From Addendum to Gift Agreement (see file)

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