ceramic tile
3.875 in HIGH x 3.875 in WIDE x 0.5 in DEEP
(9.84 cm HIGH x 9.84 cm WIDE x 1.27 cm DEEP)
Gift of Julia Mayberry

Verso: "R.T / D + M" - written in black crayon, C
"13" encircled - written in black crayon, BC; ".75" - written in blue crayon, C between R.T. and D+M

A square glazed ceramic tile with flat surface is patterned with a yellow and orange geometric floral design. An orange four-petal flower with a yellow center appears at the middle of the tile. Four yellow heart shapes appear around the flower with sides touching and pointed ends facing out. Small orange flowers seen in profile and small flourishes appear within each heart shape. The background is black with blue/green undertones.

Identified by Joe Taylor - Addendum to Gift Agreement

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