c. 1965
15 in HIGH x 11.5 in WIDE x 2.75 in DEEP
(38.10 cm HIGH x 29.21 cm WIDE x 6.98 cm DEEP)
Gift of Anne Vu

Bamboo purse brought by donor's mother Thu Nguyen when she came to the U.S. in 1993. Purse dates from late 1960s and was very expensive in Vietnam.

Anne fled Vietnam with her husband and two children in 1979. They were from Haiphong which is south of Hanoi in Northern Vietnam. They were forced out of Vietnam because her husband was ethnic Chinese and the new goverment was attempting to purify the country. They fled Vietnam as boat people in 1979 staying in a refugee camp in Hong Kong until 1980. Anne and her husband were the first family sponsored by the Presbyterian Church in Pleasanton, CA. They arrived in California September 24, 1980. They fled Vietnam April 30, 1979 arrived in Hong Kong in May and came to the U.S. September 24, 1980. Anne's husband works for the Pleasanton Unitfied Schools overseeing maintinance. Anne became a house cleaner because her english wasn't good enough to teach and go back to school.

Used: Vietnamese refugee | Woman

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