Irwin Aircraft Co.
5.375 in|5 in WIDE
(13.65 cm|12.70 cm WIDE)
Gift of Glenn Lane

signed..."Yours sincerely, B. H. Lane.

A: Envelope, white paper, red two cent stam, address to "Irwin Aircraft Co., 1220 Yale St., Sacramento, Calif;" mailed Dec. 12, 1919 in Willows, California. B: Letter written on pink paper: " Willows, Calif., Dec. 11, 1919, Irwin Aircraft Co., 1220 Yale St., Sacramento, Calif. Dear Sirs: I have seen your advertisement in the Popular Mechanics. I am sending stamp for your prices on your motorcycle engined biplane, and your free plans. Your sincerely, B. H. Lane, address: Mr. B. H. Lane, Willows, Calif. Box 14 R.F.D."

Used: Irwin Aircraft Co. | Bert Lane

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