8.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Glenn Lane

Thanks again and best regards to - Myra and yourself; Cheerio, Jack

White paper, single page letter from Jack Irwin of Bolinas to Bert Lane in Goleta/Santa Barbara, date August 29, 1969. Irwin thanks Lane for the supplies he has sent to him for the Meteorplane: plexiglas, cable and sheaves. He mentions someone in a photograph, Ed. Fitzgerald from New Mexico. Irwin indicates that he has solved his spark plug problem by making brass bushings so that he can use modern plugs. Not calling the Meteorplane by name, he indicates that he's had the motor running up to 1500 R.P.M.; however, Irwin wants it up to 1600 R.P.M. and feels that new magneto brushes and other adjustments will have it where he wants it. He responded to Bert's comments on fishing, saying that he doesn't do much fishing because he can't climb and tends to fall. Friends keep him supplied with all types of fish (and shell fish) venison and fruit. He also says that it's a good year for fruit on their own trees. Teased Lane about painting the house.
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