World War II
1 in HIGH
(2.54 cm HIGH)
Gift of Kathleen Rupley

Tepco China, U.S.A.

Six luncheon sized plates by Tepco China, U.S.A., white, glazed, decorated with a large blue stripe around the rim, and a smaller blue stripe about an inch and an eighth in from the rim. At the top of the plate is a blue anchor, under which is written "U.S.N."

The plates were collected by the donor's grandfather, James Crough who worked at the Richmond Shipyards during World War II. He worked under contract to Bechtel, and other such companies. The plates were used in the ship yeards. Because the have the Navy anchor logo and initials, they might have been surplus from what was used to outfit the ships, which in turn was used at the shipyards.

Used: shipyard ~ Richmond

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