c. 1984
36 in WIDE
(91.44 cm WIDE)
Gift of Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Franklin

Embroidered story cloth. Brown background and brown border, with a double border of two bands of gray and white fabric, separated by a zig-zag pattern of gray and brown (similar to "prairie points." The story embroidered shows men, women and children escaping across the delta into Thailand. Backed in plain white cloth.

This story cloth was made for Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Franklin as a gift of respect and appreciation. Dr. Franklin was the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Richmond, He invited the Mien community to hold their church services in the First Baptist Church. The Mien started meeting in the church in the early 1980s and still meet there. They conduct Christian services. In the early 1980s when the cloth was made Frank Yen was the pastor of the Mien Church, Yu Mien H.

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