3.375 in HIGH x 3.25 in WIDE
(8.57 cm HIGH x 8.25 cm WIDE)
Gift of Gaza Bowen

Gaza '83
Gaza, '83; [size] 7

A pair of handmade sandals/mules (slides) by Gaza Bowen. The turned up toe is made more obvious by its bright yellow color, trimmed with magenta. A: The right sandal is made of white and blue batik fabric (blue diamond shapes) embroidered with polychrome stitching, and a different color or different shaped bead stitched onto the center of each diamond shape. The sole is lined in yellow with a navy heel, the lining on the side is pink and blue. The carved heel, decorated with angular and geometric shapes is white in the back with yellow dots; the sides are polychrome. B: Left sandal, is made of laced strips of blue and white batik with white diamond shapes trimmed with polychrome embroidery; each white diamond shape is decorated with a bead stitched on in the center. The sole is like "A" but this sandals is lined in light yellow and magenta leather. The carved heel is painted red and yellow with grooved diagonals in the back (and a bright blue dot); the rest of the carved heel is polycvhrome. Signed Gaza '83 on the magenta and [size] 7 on the pale yellow.

Gaza made this pair of mules for herself to wear.

Used: Gaza Bowen

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