4 in HIGH x 5 in WIDE
(10.16 cm HIGH x 12.70 cm WIDE)
Gift of Patricia Brenzel Vercelli

One of three negatives found in the same original envelope. The original envelope reads, "Militia encamped at City Hall, Militia encamped at City Hall Plaza, Rear of City Hall Plaza."

At 5:15 a.m. on April 18, 1906, Californians from Eureka to Salinas were jolted by an estimated 7.7-7.9-magnitude earthquake along the San Andreas Fault. The force of the quake destroyed the downtown of Santa Rosa, caused chaos in San Jose and Stanford University, and caused alarm and death in Oakland. San Francisco, California's largest city at the time, was subjected to the most destruction. Excerpt from Aftershock! Centennial Exhibition write-up, 2005.

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