Mickie Mouse, Barbie
12.75 in HIGH x 7.0 in WIDE x 2.375 in DEEP
(32.38 cm HIGH x 17.78 cm WIDE x 6.03 cm DEEP)
Museum Purchase

Disney, Mickey Mouse, Barbie.

Package containing Barbie doll and a key chain featuring Mickey Mouse, trimmed with red maribou. The Barbie doll is dressed in a blue denim cap and matching box pleated mini-skirt and panties (top stitched in red). She's also wearing a pink knitted T-shirt with a vintage image of Mickey Mouse on the front. It goes with her shoulder bag (trimmed in red) that features many images of Mickey Mouse. Finally, she has on white and red horizontal striped knee socks, and high-heeled blue plastic wedgie sandals. The box is decorated with several images of Mickey Mouse (same pattern as Barbie's shoulder bag). On the front of the plastic of the box is a vintage illustration of a seated Mickey Mouse. The back reads: "A very favorite Disney Character! Mickey Mouse is charming, innocent, and totally lovable. Dressed in red shorts, big yellow shoes, and dapper white gloves, he always brings laughter and good times to fans of all ages. Best of all, he shows us how to have fun and dream big dreams. That's why everybody loves Mickey -- especially Barbie! Dressed in a kicky, vintage Mickey t-shirt, Barbie shows cool style!" Beneath this paragraph is a large vintage illustration of Mickey Mouse. Next to it, in a slightly smaller scale, is an illustration of Barbie wearing Winnie the Pooh fashions. (Fashions created from the images of Disney's feature length cartoon "Winnie the Pooh," not from the original Milne illustrations in the book.

Mickey Mouse is the logo of the Disney Corporation.

Used: childhood | Child ~ female | Popular culture

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