First Annual Convention, California State Master Bakers' Association
June, 1916
2.125 in WIDE x .25 in DEEP
(5.40 cm WIDE x .63 cm DEEP)
Gift of the White Elephant Sale

Mr. Burdie

This badge is in three joined parts. At the top is a gold colored metal pin with a piece of paper upon which is written in ink, the name "Mr. Burdie." Suspended from the pin portion of the badge is a purple satin ribbon on which is printed in metallic gold lettering" First Annual Convention, California States Master Bakers' Association, June 12 . 13 . 14, 1916." Suspended from the ribbon, by a metallic ring, is a gold colored disk with fluted edges; in the center front is an enameled circle featuring two loaves of bread rendered in golden tan and brown on a white field; around the edge it reads "Oakland, California." On the back of this suspended piece is a white paper tag giving manufacturing information: "Badges, Regalia, Lapel Buttons, Walter N. Brunt Co. Printing, 880 Mission St. at 8th, San Francisco."

Used: Mr. Burdie | Convention | California State Master Bakers' Association

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