Gift of Sylvia and Garry Knox Bennett

Hand crafted for North Beach Leather shops in Pitiquito, Mejico, 30.

Handmade brown leather trousers with black leather zig zag lacing on the outside seams, the waist, decorative lacing on the legs and the pockets. The inseam is done in simple lacing (resembling a running stitch). The fly is made of 16 brass eyelets, held together with corded black leather strips. The fly is outline with raised leather stitching (also done in black leather). The label can be found on the inside of the fly, giving the size as "30." There are two patch pockets on either side in the front. The hem of the trousers dips down in the back; there is no stitched hem, the edge is simply cut.

These trousers were "pre-owned" by Frank Morgan.

Used: Frank Morgan

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