Yuba & Sutter Counties
4.875 in WIDE
(12.38 cm WIDE)
Gift of the White Elephant Sale

White & Pollard, Bank of Commerce Building, Oakland, California

White paper map of Riverside County set in a brown leatherette folder, "A. C. McKenzie, 11& Russ Building, Montgomery, Bush & Pine Streets, San Francisco, Cal., Maps of all kinds." Stamped on the cover and on the map itself is: "White & Pollard, Bank of Commerce Building, Oakland, California." Paper tag pasted on the front marked "46." Sutter County is printed with a wide turquoise colored border, and the county name is printed in green. Yuna County has a peach colored border with the county name in orange color. Some Ranchos are marked, for example: Rancho Jesus Maria, Rancho Quesisos, Johnsons Rancho, Rancho Llano Seco, etc.

Used: White & Pollard | Oakland

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