Live! Play! Relax! A New World of Vacation Pleasure
17.5 in HIGH x 11.5 in WIDE
(44.45 cm HIGH x 29.21 cm WIDE)
Gift of Catherine M. Trefethen, by John Trefethen under power of attorney

Poster printed on white paper with black, blue, yellow and pink ink advertising 'Life at the Hawaiian Village Hotels.' Top portion of poster is divided into three vertical sections: "Live!, Work! and Play!" "Live!" is color-coded in pink and has four pictures with accompanying text showing two images of the exterior of a condo/hotel and two images of people relaxing on a balcony overlooking water. "Play!" is color-coded yellow and has imagery and text of a sailing ship, a swimming pool, and the exterior of a building at night. "Relax!" has imagery and text of people performing on stage in Hawaiian dress, three people sitting and drinking cocktails, and a pig roast at a Hawaiian luau. The bottom section is titled: "A New World of Vacation Pleasure" and has a diagram of the Hawaiian Village Hotels created by Henry J. Kaiser and Fritz B. Burns.

Used: Kaiser Industries | Advertising

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