Tonopah Landscape|G.B. Carson appraisal lists title as "Tonopan Landscape"
19.75 in HIGH x 22.75 in WIDE x 0.25 in DEEP
(50.16 cm HIGH x 57.78 cm WIDE x .63 cm DEEP)
Gift of Patricia Adler

Siegreist 60 - painted BL corner
Paper label adhered to verso, TL. Printed with information handwritten in ballpoint pen:"Label - TO BE ATTCHED TO ENTRY 1960 REG. No. 326 / ARTIST LOUIS B. SIEGRIEST / STREET 5185 MILES AVE. / CITY OAKLAND / MEDIUM POLYVINAL TITLE TO[?]PAH LANDSCAPE PRICE $300.00 / BY HAND ( ) EXPRESS ( )" Printed paper card adhered to verso, TC:"FREDRIC HOBBS * FINE ART / 2264 Union St. * San Francisco 23 * Walnut 1-5758 / REPRESENTATIVES - * PARIS * NEW YORK * CARMEL" "Tonopah Landscape" written in black felt pen on center, verso

Abstract polyvinyl painting on masonite. The lower half of the composition includes a thick brown-gray pebbled surface. Textured layers of white, blue, and green appear just above the center of the piece across the composition from left to right. A blue-gray band of paint appears along the top edge of the composition.
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