Bone Detector (Dr. Gladstone)
26 in HIGH x 14 in WIDE x 4.5 in DEEP
(66.04 cm HIGH x 35.56 cm WIDE x 11.43 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mr. John Toki

1. Clayton Bailey (orange sticker removed from bottom)

Large sculpture (A) of a wish bone, earthenware with low fire glaze, mounted to plywood with wire. Plywood has been stained brown and has four holes, one in each corner, for mounting to a wall. A paper label that reads, "DR.GLADSTONE" is attached to the lower right front corner. Sculpture comes with a framed poster (B) that reads, "THE ORIGINAL DR. GLADSTONES Kaolithic Fossil / THE ONE AND ONLY AMAZING & WONDERFULL BONE DETECTOR / An Instrument That STANDS ALON ON EARTH!! / Unequalled In it's METHOD OF OPERATION / Unrivaled In it's POWER to find / Unearthed KAOLITHIC WONDERS and ODDITIED FROM THE BONE AGE! / NO BATTERIES REQUIRED / YOU WILL SUPPLY THE ENERGY FROM YOUR OWN MIND! / Anyone Can make UNBELIEVABLE DISCOVERIES! / CREATE YOUR OWN weird MUSEUM of KAOLITHIC WONDERS / GUARANTEED / 'We stake our reputation on this devise' / WONDERS of the WORLD MUSEUM / PORT COSTA, CALIFORNIA 94569."

Used: John Toki

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