18 in HIGH x 15 in WIDE
(45.72 cm HIGH x 38.10 cm WIDE)

"@ Beth Van Hoesen '91" - written in graphite, BR
written in graphite: "Traci" - BL; "25/30" - BC. Embossed chap mark for made in California (dots around a circle containing a triangle) - BR. Watermark: "BFK RIVES / FRANCE / (infinity symbol)" - BL. On verso: "86" written in graphite, BR.

Rectangular sheet color etching, aquatint, and drypoint on paper with deckled bottom edge. The composition includes a portrait of a female figure shown in profile with head and shoulders visible against a dull orange background. She is wearing a blue-black coat and a circular green drop earrings. Her hair is colored black on top and pink below, and she wears dark red lipstick and a pale face makeup.

Made in California Edition record documentproject 89-2a.3,4,1,2.Artist: Beth Van HoesenTitle: TRACIImage size: 9-5/8 x 8-3/4"Paper size: 18 x 15"Margining: t3" s3-1/8" b5-1/2"Edition paper: BFK Rives whiteProject dates: 2/6/89--5/31/90 Release date: August 15, 1990 Publisher: made in California Cancellation: September 13, 1990TRACI was hand printed by David Kelso at made in California in an edition of fifty impressions from four 16 gauge copper plates executed by the artist in hardground etching, aquatint and drypoint (stylus and electric engraving) with engraved revisions specified by the artist and executed by the printer. The plates, in order of printing, were inked in mixtures of China clay, burnt umber, vermilion red light (7:1:.1) for plate 3; China clay, vermilion red light, Lefranc & Bourgeois orient blue (18:4:.5) for plate 4; yellowish pink, China clay, Lefranc & Bourgeois magenta (2:1:.4) for plate 1; and a la poupee applications of Graphic Chemical 514 black, China clay, Lefranc & Bourgeois magenta (14:7:1.25), Lefranc & Bourgeois orient blue, thalo green (1.3:1), and China clay, Lefranc & Bourgeois magenta, cadmium red deep, Graphic Chemical 514 black, Lefranc & Bourgeois orient blue (4.52:2:1:2.32:.16) for plate 2. All inks were ground from dry pigments unless otherwise specified. Watercolor additions authorized by the artist were executed by the printer. Each impression is hand-signed, titled, and numbered in pencil by the artist, and bears the embossed chap mark of made in California in the lower right margin, with paper watermark, where present, located in the lower left margin. Extant impression printed outside the edition total forty-eight and include thirty-eight state or duplicate state impressions for nineteen states, one bon a tirer (state twenty), five artist's-, and one each printers-, press-, publisher's-, and archival proof impression. No other impression from the uncancelled plates exist. A 1/8" kerf on less than 3" in length cancels each plate. Artist and printer affirm the authenticity of this statement on this day, July 27, 1990.(signed) Beth van Hoesen, artist[Miller], printer

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