Untitled (Plate with porcelain inserts)
3.5 in HIGH
(8.89 cm HIGH)

braided metal wire for hanging
VOuLKOS 73 - written in black stain around bottom edge
PV1 - adhesive label on bottom.

Tan and brown gasfired ceramic plate with porcelain inserts. Plate is wheel-thrown and modified by hand with a wide shallow depression. Circular holes appear in the surface with cracked and protruding edges. Two of these areas are concave without being pierced. The plate's surface contains one long slash and one area where the rim is cracked. Six white porcelain inserts, the size of small pebbles, appear across the center of the bowl. The inserts are secured on the underside of the plate with blue glaze layered over smoothed porcelain. Blue glaze is also visible in a subtle ring around the inserts on the plate's surface. A braided metal wire is secured around the plate's base for hanging.
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