Tornado scarf
c. 1987
15 in WIDE
(38.10 cm WIDE)

This silk boa is titled "Tornado Scarf," probably because its composition of black over brown cloth, along with its pleated or wrinkled textured surface resembles a twisting, dark tornado funnel. Both ends of the scarf is finished with a black tassel fitted into the tip of the boa, made of blue silk, covered with black lace and trimmed with khaki and brown satin cord, amber colored floral shaped beads, and amber colored round beads and seed beads.

The donor "won" this scarf by San Francisco fashion artist, Kenneth King, at a fund raiser for a metaphysical church to which the artist and the donor belonged. The cost of the tickets was $1.00 per ticket. The donor also won a necklace. Norma Tringali was a minister at the Church of the Amron in San Francisco, and the scarf is given to the Oakland Museum of California in her memory..

Used: evening | Church of Amron | San Francisco

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