American Red Cross
11 in HIGH x 8.375 in WIDE
(27.94 cm HIGH x 21.27 cm WIDE)
Gift og Margaret Haneberg

Esther Bristol
Signed in blue ink "Esther Bristol."

Piece of white ("typing paper sized") stationery printed in red with the American Red Cross logo at the top, and a red cross and red strip across the bottom. Printed in black at the top "American Red Cross, Pacific Area, Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California." Printed in black across the bottom: "Your Red Cross Is At His Side." In the lower proper right corner is "Let's Give, War Fund, March 1-31" centered with a printed red cross. The letter, addressed to "Miss Margaret E. Russell, RFD 1, Box 118, Camarillo, California," dated February 2, 1944, and informs her of her appointment as a Red Cross Hospital Recreation Worker (domestic--meaning state-side deployment) in the Pacific Area. Her salary will be $160.00 a month. She's instructed to come for training to the American University in Washington, DC. She's further instructed to purchase a train ticket from Camarillo to Chicago (a tax exemption slip was enclosed in the letter) at an intermediate rate, but to make reservations for first class travel from Chicago to Washington, DC. She's also told that she'll be returning to San Francisco. If she accepts the offer of employment by the American Red Cross, she's to wire her acknowledgement by a "collect wire" (telegram). The letter is signed, "(Miss) Esther Bristol, Assistant to Director, Personnel Service."

Miss Russell completed her training and was stationed at Letterman General Hospital in the Persidio in San Francisco. Photographs in this collection show her at work, and also show her husband-to-be, Walter Haneberg, whom she met while he was a patient at the hospital.

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